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Dear Parishioners,

Yes, we have now arrived at our Parish’s Anniversary Celebration. 90 years! Our parish has gone through these 90 years experiencing many changes in U.S. society, changes in our local demographics, and the return to the sources of our faith through the Second Vatican Council. For the past ninety years St. Bruno’s Parish, our parish, has been a worshipping community of catholic faith. For the past ninety years the mission of St. Bruno’s Parish has remained the same: to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, care for the poor, the sick and the elderly, educate children in the ways of faith, and celebrate the sacraments. Our parish has served for many as a beacon of light, and a sign of hope through these ninety years.

As we observe our ninetieth anniversary, I want to pay tribute to those priests, religious, and parishioners, who came before us. Because of their vision and sacrifices, we have been given this great legacy; we call St. Bruno’s Parish. May God reward them for their good deeds.

I also want to pay tribute to all those who, with dedication, vision, and sacrifice, continue this great legacy in our day. Congratulations to all of you, for your stewardship, on behalf of the gospel. May God who began this good work ninety years ago, and who in His providence has given it to us to continue, see it to completion. Let us pray for each other, as we come together to celebrate the 90th anniversary of our parish on Saturday in October 3, 2015 at 5:30 PM Mass with the main celebrant being Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki whose uncle Rev. Alexis Gorski was the founding pastor of our parish.

“…Like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ”(1 Pt 2:5). Our parish really is built of living stones! In a time still remembered by our elder brothers and sisters this parish was literally constructed on the offerings of God’s People. This place was built on faith. It is renewed for each generation in that exact same way! Just as any home needs constant touch-ups (new paint, cleaning, pipework, etc.) so too a church needs, besides those things, touch-ups from faith. Our parish was first built because of the trust and love some people had in God. It needs the same from us now!

Now it is time to renew the flame of our burning hearts to assure we continue the mission of Christ for all following generations. The world needs the Light of Christ. We must face the challenges and opportunities of the next 90 years with one unequivocal goal: To continue to build a Christ centered community with a strengthened vision of an open and cooperative parish, united in a common purpose, and one which will call us to exceptional leadership, fortify our capacity to meet changing needs, and forge in us the willingness to let Jesus live and reign in our souls.

Your pastor,
Fr. Tony

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