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Thu3:00pm - 6:00pm
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school Religious Education
The purpose of religious education is to build a loving, caring and sharing Christian community. This process necessarily begins at home, as parents are the primary teachers and models of the faith.
The ministry of Religious Education at St. Bruno strives to support the faith formation of our children through sacramental preparation, instruction in basic doctrine, scripture and worship, and the application of this education to the daily experience of Christian discipleship.
This ministry serves the church by sharing the Gospel with the children of our community who do not attend the parish school. Those who participate as catechists can expect to deepen their own knowledge and appreciation of our faith, and experience a feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping to educate the next generation of Catholics.
Religious Education is an on-going process of instruction in our faith.
Our Parish offers religious education classes for children who are in public schools from grades 1 through 8. Classes are held bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 until 8:00 PM.

2011/2012 Updates
Welcome Parents!

We are pleased that you have chosen to enroll your child in our program. The St. Bruno Religious Education Program is ready to serve and assist you in your parenting role of sharing Catholic faith with your children. Religious Education classes alone cannot instill faith in your child, nor is it the purpose of this program to do so. A program of this nature is meant to SUPPORT and NURTURE the faith that you share with your child in the home. When your child was baptized, the Church community promised to assist you in the responsibility of being the vital link between your child and our God. We can assist you in bringing your child to our faith by providing formal catechetical instruction, by modeling a Christian lifestyle, and by leading your child to experiences of faith in sacramental celebrations and stewardship. But the values and attitudes established in your home actually define the faith of your child. Your child is being formed by YOUR FAITH, the faith which you live in your home. St. Bruno catechists take the commitment to work with you seriously. We will pray with you and for you, as together we share responsibility for the spiritual development of each child. We rely on your support in our effort to pass on Catholic tradition and values to your children. May God guide and bless all of us on our journey of faith.
Sr. Dorota Domin
Missionary Sister of Christ the King
Director of Religious Education

Rules and Regulations Handbook

Regular Calendar

Special preparations for 1st Communion calendar

Religious Education Office Hours
Wednesday evenings, 6pm - 8pm, when classes are in session


Office: (773) 254-7748
Norma Calderon DRE: (312) 428-1858
Email: Normcald@att.net


Deadline for registration for 2014-2015 – October 15, 2014
Nonrefundable registration fee for the year 2014-2015: $100 per child.

Our program begins in September and ends in May of the following year. Registration is taken every year.