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Msze Święte
Sobota4:30pmPo angielsku
Niedziela8:30amPo Angielsku
 10:30amPo Polsku
 12:30pmPo Hiszpańsku
Po polsku i angielsku z elementami łaciny i hiszpańskiego.
Adoracja Przenajświętszego Sakramentu
Czwartek3:00pm - 6:00pm
Pon-PiątekPo mszy o 8:00AM
Sobota4:00 - 4:20pm
Nabożeństwo do Miłosierdzia Bożego
Czwartek3:00pmPo Polsku
Czwartek4:00pmPo angielsku
Czwartek5:00pmPo hiszpańsku
Nabożeństwo do Matki Bożej z Gwadelupy
Czwartek5:00pmPo Hiszpańsku
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St. Bruno Ushers
The ushers are representatives of the faith community.

They welcome members of the worshipping assembly, and assist in various ways during the Mass and other special events. Men and women who serve as ushers must be dedicated to expressing hospitality through their every action.

They are also prepared to offer assistance whenever needed. The ushers set the stage for a spiritually enriching experience, by offering guidance and assistance to worshippers as well as a kind greeting.